Friends of Camp Sinoquipe

Your investment in Camp Sinoquipe Scout Reservation, will ensure that we are able to continue to change the world one youth at a time and strengthen our community as we deliver the “outdoor” promise of Scouting by providing a world class outdoor educational program. 

Since opening for the first time in 1948, more than 250,000 Scouts have called Camp Sinoquipe home for over 1 million days of camping. Each year, on average, 3500 youth escape the “indoors” in search of adventure, wanting to experience the natural wonders of the outdoors, face new challenges and improve their leadership skills. At Camp Sinoquipe, Scouts learn skills that will be used for a lifetime. 

As you might imagine, it takes many resources to keep a 500+ acre outdoor camping facility like Sinoquipe operating within it’s full potential. Whether it is basic maintenance, improvements for new programs or expansion for future demands, the Shenandoah Area Council, can not meet these needs without the support of fellow Scouters and community patriarchs as Friends of SSR through their donation and endowment contributions.

Did you know annual expenses to operate Camp Sinoquipe include:

  • Electricity $14,000
  • Water Tests $1,000
  • Propane $3,000
  • Equipment Maintenance $7,500
  • Internet Service $5,000
  • Vehicle Maintenance $3,500
  • Fuel $3,200
  • Facility Maintenance $15,000

In recent years, we have invested more than 3 million dollars to improve the facilities at SSR:

  • Dining Hall Expansion
  • Swimming Pool Complex
  • Calhoun Lodge
  • Administrative Building

Adopt a SSR Improvement Project 

Below is a summary list of projects that are in need of your support. For more information on any of these improvement or maintenance projects or to recommend a project contact the Camp Ranger. 

Existing Facility Improvements

  • Exterior Building Paint $250-500
  • Building shingle roof replacement
    • $600 small shelter, latrine, wash station
    • $2-3,000 small building, medium shelter
    • $20-30,000 large building
  •  Install additional latrines $8,000 each
  • Campsite Improvements
    • Tent platforms $700 each
    • Tent frames $500 each
    • Tents $750 each

Program Improvements

  • Program Equipment Storage Facility $10,000
  • First Year Camper Program Area
    • Permanent displays / training aids $1,500
  • Outdoor Skills Program Area
    • Develop model campsite $1,000
    • Develop wilderness survival demo area $1,000
    • Develop outdoor cooking demo area $1,000
    • Develop permanent pioneering area $1,000
  • Nature Program Area
    • Develop conservation area $1,000
  • Aquatics Program Area
  • Shooting Sports Program Area
    • Replace archery target frames $750
    • Add a permanent covered archery range/shelter $15,000 

New Facility Expansion

  • Storage shed/building at dining hall 12x20 for paper goods and equipment $10-12,000
  • Expansion of dry goods storage at kitchen $2,500


  • Wood splitter
  • 15 Passenger transport van
  • Kubota MX5400 tractor w/assorted attachments $55,000
  • Cargo trailers 7’x12’ tall, dual axle